Hi.  I am Susan.

I'm a university educated, musician, former high school teacher, Christian, wife and mother who might or might not go back to teaching one day, loves to crochet, sew, write, cook and travel.  At this stage of my life, I am not in paid employment so that I can fully avail myself to the care of my young kidlets.   

I know, I know, I've done a disservice to women and feminism, not to mention the economy and the country, by throwing it all in to mould playdough and sing nursery rhymes.  But it's just a stage.  

Some days I think my head might possibly explode from wanting to have intellectual and creative thoughts, but needing instead to settle for counting to 10, identifying blue things and explaining why we need to put clothes on to leave the house.   So, in order to bring some balance (and avoid having to sweep the floor), I blog.  

We are all entitled to our own opinion: the world would get tedious if we all felt the same about everything.  Feel free to leave comments whether you share my opinion or not, but remember one is not an 'idiot' merely for having an alternate viewpoint.  

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