Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Eat the packet, throw away the chocolate

The Husband brought home some chocolate recently.  This wasn’t a huge surprise, given that in our house chocolate is one of five food groups. 

But this chocolate was different. 

It was natural and sugar-free chocolate.

Now, I have been to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Dunedin and I saw them making chocolate with cocoa beans, milk and sugar. What on earth is in sugar-free chocolate? Cocoa beans and milk?

Actually, it had a natural sweetener - Stevia - which isn’t sugar.  It has a lot less calories than cane sugar: it’s a lot sweeter, so you can use a lot less. But, it’s not cane sugar, and it tastes different.  

I tried a sample of Stevia in my coffee recently.  I could taste the difference, but The Husband couldn’t. But, then, he also thought the natural, sugar-free chocolate wasn’t too bad.

He was wrong.

It was awful. 

He said it’s because it was dark chocolate and I don’t normally eat dark chocolate. I say it’s the polydextrose and erythirol and isomalt they had to use in order to give it the same texture as dark chocolate! 

Here’s what I think: forget low-fat or low-sugar versions of foods. It’s the fat and the sugar that make them taste good. Eat the bad-for-you foods. Just don’t eat them all the time. Treat them as treat foods. 

Give me decent chocolate any day… just not every day. 


  1. AMEN!
    We had some sugar free chocolate given to us a little bit ago, it was foul, foul stuff. The white chocolate tasted even worse.
    I like the full fat, full sugar varieties of things, I just don't gorge myself on them.... most of the time.
    This is asking me to prove I'm not a robot by typing what I see in the box. I see a photo of a letterbox... I guess I'm a robot then.

  2. We have a close family friend who is a very strict diabetic and even she won't touch sugarless chocolate... she'd rather totally forgo chocolate!